How big can your screens be, ergonomically?

Research by Callum Murphy, B.Sc.(Hon.Kin.), AE, Ergonomist With so many options available for computer screens, we thought it was time to provide an update. Where should you place your screens? How many screens can you use? Are curved screens better than flat? Wide screens A recent research paper by Kolbe et al. indicated that: More […]
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Do stretching programs work?

We’re often asked to help our clients to develop and deliver stretching programs, customized for the work that their employees are doing. Do these programs work? We’ve been trying to investigate this question using “before and after” survey data. Clients start out with great enthusiasm, administering the baseline survey, implementing the program, and promising to […]
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A deeper dive into cost-benefit analysis

For most of my career, I’ve been single-minded in my focus on minimizing the risk of strain/sprain injuries. I’m not alone; most ergonomists work in a “safety” capacity, concerned mainly with keeping the demands of the workplace within the physical capabilities of the workforce. We might occasionally concern ourselves with cognitive demands (some much more […]
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Summary of “Recent Advancements in Ergonomics Analysis Tools for Upper Extremity Tasks” webinar

by Alex DaRosa This April 28, 2022 webinar, hosted by the Association of Canadian Ergonomists (ACE) and facilitated by Dr. Jim Potvin of Potvin Biomechanics, provided updates on the most recent advancements in analysis tools for upper extremity tasks. Dr. Potvin provided details and demonstrations of the latest versions of assessment tools that he has […]
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