• Physical/Cognitive Demands Analysis

    We believe that a physical and cognitive demands analysis should report measured, objective information about a job, in a clear, concise report.

  • Heat Stress Prevention

    We believe that protecting workers from heat-related illness requires a consistent, objective approach. We estimate job demands using a detailed analysis method, and we set up a program that uses the wet-bulb globe temperature, because it most accurately represents what a worker is experiencing.

  • On-Site Ergonomics Program

    We believe that our clients want easy access to support for every aspect of their ergo program, including technical ergo expertise, implementation support to facilitate ergo improvements, training for key stakeholders in the program, and an actively changing awareness initiative to keep everyone interested.

  • Training and Awareness

    We believe that ergo training should be designed for specific groups of employees (supervisor, engineer, worker, office employee, etc), and that training needs to be “hands on” so participants can truly understand how ergonomics applies to them.

  • Ergonomics (MSD risk) Assessment

    We believe that an ergonomics assessment needs to distinguish “nice-to-do” from “need-to-do” through musculoskeletal injury (MSD) risk evaluation, and needs to provide specific, clear recommendations.

  • Demands-Abilities Evaluation

    We believe that workers and employers benefit from an objective approach to return-to-work. We help employers to determine suitability, and to develop appropriate accommodations to allow workers to safely return to work.

  • Design Review

    We believe that engineers and equipment designers want to use ergo design guidelines that clearly specify the ideal reaches, heights, clearances, and other “ergo” parameters.

  • Office Ergonomics

    We believe that office employees can usually be safely accommodated using existing equipment, by making adjustments to chairs, keyboard trays, work surface heights, etc. We understand that employers want access to broad-scope approaches (such as awareness training for large groups), as well as intensely focussed detailed assessments for workers with injuries.


Improving work design to exceed your goals for productivity, quality and employee health.


Our team has the collective experience in over 50 different industries across Canada and the United States.


From the assessment of one specific issue, to implementation of a full on-site ergonomics program, & everything in between.


We use a professional, objective approach to understand the demands of any job and a worker’s capabilities.

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Taylor’d Ergonomics Inc. is a team of highly qualified ergonomists with a main office near Cambridge, ON, and satellite offices in London and Mississauga. While most of our projects are in Southwestern Ontario, we provide ergonomics consulting throughout the province, along with national and international projects.

We use the best measurement and analysis techniques available, and regularly review research to stay informed of new or better methodologies.

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