Outdoor municipal workers face many physical challenges in their day to day work. How can ergonomics help?

Our Stories: Ergonomics Adventures in Municipal Public Works

Municipalities encompass a broad variety of positions, from police to office work, and from long-term care to Zamboni driver. Today, let’s focus specifically on public works. Public works employees perform a wide range of tasks that vary day to day and season to season, making ergonomics planning particularly challenging. This article explores these unique challenges […]
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Boost employee well-being and productivity with ‘Move-it!’ microbreaks

If your workplace has toyed with the idea of a pre-shift stretching program, please read on. We just launched our “Move-it!” package, which is a very flexible set of materials, designed to be implemented as a microbreak activity program. Today I want to talk about: What are microbreaks? What type of activities make good breaks? […]
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Advice to my younger self – Three questions to ask retirees before they leave your organization, to prevent musculoskeletal disorders

Did you know that musculoskeletal disorders account for 36% of all work-related injuries? It’s the leading “nature” of injury, in nearly every occupation, according to Ontario statistics. As experienced workers retire, invaluable ergonomic strategies are being lost. Here’s how to capture that wisdom before it’s too late. The Importance of Learning from Retirees What could […]
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Enhancing material handling safety: Insights from the Webinar about MLITSD’s 2024-2025 Campaign

Callum and Carrie participated in last week’s webinar,  hosted by WSPS and the Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training, and Skills Development (MLITSD). The webinar was aimed at helping companies and safety managers prepare for the Ministry’s current (April 2024-March 31, 2025) material handling focus. Here’s what we learned, and how we can help. Struck by […]
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Proven solutions: Does your ergonomist do “what if” assessments?

We’ve always been proud of our quantitative approach to ergonomics. We use detailed analysis tools to determine whether work demands are acceptable, and we evaluate potential solutions against the same standards. Doesn’t everyone do this? Believe it or not, no! Many companies use checklists or score-based tools such as Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) or […]
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