About Us

Our mission

Improving work design to exceed your goals for productivity, quality, and employee health.

Our history

Taylor’d Ergonomics was launched in 1995 by Carrie Taylor, as a home-based business in Springfield, ON. Today, Taylor’d Ergonomics is a team of ergonomists, with a main office in Cambridge, ON, and satellite offices in London, and Mississauga. Read about our story in our blog!

Our priorities

Our priorities are:

  • To listen and respond to our clients’ needs. We work with our clients to meet their needs. We also conduct client surveys to evaluate how well we are meeting our clients’ needs.
  • To involve all key stakeholders. We interview and survey employees to obtain their input. Reports are validated by worker and management representatives, so everyone is involved.
  • To develop relationships with our clients. We are approachable. We do our work at your facility whenever possible, where we can develop relationships with your staff. Our team works very hard to ensure consistency, allowing us to transfer projects or support each other’s clients when necessary.
  • To provide the best ergonomics training available. People learn effectively because we are committed to skill-based training based on adult learning principles. Quick references ensure that key information is readily available after the training. Projects and feedback allow real-life application of the course material.
  • To stay “leading edge”. We use the best measurement and analysis techniques available, and regularly review research to stay informed of new or better methodologies. We participate in regular ergonomics professional development opportunities. We frequently liaise with other ergonomists, including those at the WSIB and MOL, in order to ensure consistency in analyses and guidelines.
  • To be responsible ergonomists. We really strive to develop solutions that are feasible and reasonable; recommendations are developed with your input, so there are no surprises when reports are issued. Our concise reports are peer-reviewed by a certified ergonomist.
  • To stay in touch with our clients and prospective clients. Our ongoing clients receive regular ergonomics progress reports. Our bi-monthly newsletter is published and circulated free of charge to all who wish to stay current on ergonomic matters.
  • To nurture the growth of our team. Even if you see only one of our ergonomists on-site, our projects are shared amongst the team, and problem solving is a regular part of our biweekly meetings. We learn from each other and you benefit from our collective experiences. Our team approach sets us apart from the competition.

Our clients

We have provided ergonomics services to well over two hundred clients, many of which are multi-site, ongoing or repeat customers. While most of our work is in south-western Ontario, we have managed projects across Canada, the US, and have even travelled abroad. In a typical month, our ergonomists are actively engaged with 30 different clients. Each ergonomist has several projects and clients ongoing at any given time.
Our collective experience includes: agriculture, airlines, automotive parts and assembly, adhesives, bearings, bottling/breweries, call centers, carbon, cement, community care, custodial, distribution/warehousing, education, foam, food processing/bakeries, foundry, garage/automotive repair, garments/textiles, hardwood flooring, hatchery, health care, high tech/electronics, injection moulding, insulation, laboratory/medical, municipalities, office, parks and recreation, pharmaceuticals, porcelain, poultry and meat processing, printing, public utilities, pulp and paper, retail, road construction, stamping, steel, theater, tobacco processing, transportation, tubing, turbine manufacturing, weld wire, and a variety of other manufacturing industries.

Career opportunities

If you know anyone who is currently studying to be an ergonomist, please ask them to complete our survey!

We are not currently recruiting, but resumes are always welcome.

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Our people

We support the certification of ergonomists in Canada by the Canadian College for the Certification of Professional Ergonomists (CCCPE). All of our team members are currently certified or in the process of achieving certification through CCCPE. Carrie is certified through the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE; USA), and is also an Registered Kinesiologist. As ergonomists, we take our professional code of ethics seriously.

Ergonomics is the art and science of fitting work to people. At Taylor’d Ergonomics, our ergonomists help clients in all sectors to improve the fit between work and people, so employees experience fewer strain/sprain injuries. A side-benefit of ergonomics is that companies that use ergonomics also experience improvements in productivity and quality.

Our ergonomists are more than just ergonomics consultants; they are part of your team, tapping into your skills and resources to develop ergonomic solutions that work in your environment.

Carrie Taylor


Carrie is our principal ergonomist; she launched Taylor’d Ergonomics in 1995, after working in the field for six years. Carrie holds an undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics, and a Master of Science degree

Josie Blake


Josie joined Taylor’d Ergo in July, 2014, after graduating with an Honours B.Sc in Kinesiology (Co-op). She had already worked under the direction of a Taylor’d ergonomist for two work terms at a poultry processing plant.

Dennis Larson



Dennis started at Taylor’d Ergo in March, 2021, while finishing his PhD studies at the University of Guelph. His area of research focuses on how fatigue and lift training influence movement control of the back and lower limbs (aka how people lose the ability to use “good” lifting techniques when their muscles get tired).

Danielle Hiltz



Danielle joined Taylor’d Ergonomics in May 2021 as an intern, having completed her certificate in Advanced Ergonomics Studies at Fanshawe College. She also holds an undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph. She has been working with clients in the nuclear power, municipal, and manufacturing sectors.


Kirsten Fradley



Kirsten completed her internship at a Taylor’d Ergonomics client in May/June 2021, and joined us full time in July. She completed her certificate in Advanced Ergonomics Studies at Fanshawe College, and holds an undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics from the University of Guelph. She has been working with clients in the municipal, manufacturing, and packaging sectors.