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Changing your tires? Which wrench is right?

If you’re having trouble loosening the lug nuts on your summer tires, a longer wrench will give you an advantage. The physics behind the “lever” wasn’t exciting in 6th grade, and surely would not compel you to read this article. However, the “longer wrench” solution is so effective that it’s...
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Hiring? What should orientation include about ergonomics?

New employee orientation typically focuses on important tips like how to get paid, and how to avoid getting hit by a truck at work – admittedly high priorities for both employees and employers. However, new employee orientation offers a one-time opportunity to encourage employees to practice ergonomics. Here are the...
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Use two hands!

left mouse
In factories and offices alike, employees report more strain/sprain injuries in the dominant hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder, because the demands on this hand are much higher than the other hand. If we could evenly distribute work demands between the left and the right hands, we’d reduce the incidence of...
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