Our stories: Ergonomics in Poultry Processing

How is this sector unique? It’s no surprise that, in the poultry processing industry, where over 100 chickens per minute are processed, the work tends to be repetitive, awkward, and sometimes forceful. The work environment is cold, workers wear multiple layers of gloves, and floors can be slippery. From an ergonomics perspective, the injury risk […]
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Creating a Culture of Ergonomics: Employee Engagement Strategies

Safety and Health Week is coming up in May, and our clients are calling on us to help them promote ergonomics in their workplaces. Fostering a culture of employee engagement in an ergonomics program involves several key strategies. Training and education: These are two different, but related things. Education provides knowledge – supervisors and managers […]
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Something for nothin’

When you hire a “consultant” you expect to pay for their time. You’re really paying for the expertise that they offer, which is like paying for all the time that they’ve invested to learn what they know so that they can help you.   While we call ourselves “ergonomists” rather than “ergonomics consultants” (read why […]
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