What does an ergonomist do, behind the scenes?

When we work on-site with clients, we most often book full days, so we arrive in the morning when you do, and we leave at the end of the day. We collect data, facilitate meetings, analyse data, and write our reports, on-site. Employees often ask us where we go on the days that we are not at their location. They are curious about the other work environments that we visit, but they also want to know, what do our ergonomists do, while away from clients? Here are a few of the “behind the scenes” activities that our ergonomists work on.

Ergo awareness material development

Our “on-site ergo” (regular ongoing) clients know that we bring in a new ergo thought every week, new ergo bulletin content every month, and two ergo contests every year. We also create content for this blog and our social media feeds. We develop all of this material on office days.

Peer reviews

Every report is reviewed by another ergonomist, in our office, on “our” time.


When we’re working on a new service, or we’ve encountered a problem that we don’t know how to solve, or we’re reviewing and overhauling our assessment protocols, we do our research and development on office days.

Team meeting Fridays

Every second Friday is a team meeting day when we get together, all day, for meetings, sharing, learning, socializing, and working as a team. These Fridays allow us to learn from each other, and to participate in brainstorming about client projects, and about some of our initiatives.


Each ergonomist also has specific initiatives to take care of, such as setting, strategizing, and monitoring social media goals, monitoring and capturing new ergonomics research, and more. Every year, we set new goals and objectives for our initiatives, and then work to achieve them.

Training development

All of our hands-on ergonomics awareness training was developed on “office” days. We used best practices that we had identified over the years to create practical content for workers in office, outdoor works, manual handling, driving, and industrial work environments. We have more programs in the queue!

We’ve learned that the best way for us to advance as a company is to use our time wisely. While we love being out with clients every day, we also enjoy the challenge of moving our practice forward in productive, innovative ways.

The next time you see one of our ergonomists, ask us what initiative we’ve been working on recently!

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