What ergonomics isn’t

Some people think that ergonomics is about teaching people to sit up straight and lift with their legs. When we do an assessment, unless we explain very carefully that we’re hoping to see people working the way they normally do, we’re sometimes entertained by a “show” of what people think we want to see. When […]
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You had an intern (or co-op student)….now what?

Right now, 40 graduating ergonomists from Fanshawe college are completing their internships at a variety of workplaces. (This was the 5th cohort – last year 32  graduated.) Many of the interns are starting projects or programs that will require maintenance. What happens after the internship is completed? Some workplaces may want to hire the intern […]
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Safety Professionals: Here’s how an ergonomist can help

Safety Professionals help organizations to reduce, or even eliminate, the risk of workplace accidents and injuries. Most safety programs rightly prioritize efforts to manage hazards that could cause serious injury or death – crushing hazards, chemical exposures, falls from heights, and confined space, as a few examples. Logically, most Safety Managers spend the better part […]
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