Somebody’s watching me…and I’m sitting straighter

Sometimes you get that feeling, like someone is watching you. And maybe that makes you sit up straighter. Our Social Media team had some fun with that theme, creating some videos that we’ll share over the next few months. We used our life-size wooden mannequin to represent an “ergo” monitor. The images above were clipped from one of the videos.

What happens, when someone is watching? How does it change your behaviour? We often find that workers behave differently when we’re observing them, which is a challenge that we’ve learned to address. (When we assess a “job”, we’re primarily interested in the physical demands required by the job, more than the technique that the worker chooses to use….a heavy load that is too low to the ground needs to be raised, whether the worker stoops or squats. But I digress.)

What does it mean, to “behave” ergonomically? What would you do differently, if you were being watched?

  • You might sit up in the chair, with your back against the backrest and your head up.
  • It might mean taking a minute to set up the ergo devices that have been provided to help you work in a good position (as shown above).
  • Maybe it means closing the blinds when the sun is creating glare on the screen.
  • Perhaps it means putting supportive shoes on so you can stand comfortably.
  • Sometimes it means flagging a cart with a bad wheel instead of living with it.
  • Maybe it means going to get the assistive device rather than doing it manually.

We all cut corners occasionally. So how do we get people to act like someone’s watching, and do “the right thing” even when no one’s looking?

Awareness is key. Deliver a constant barrage of messaging focused on ergonomics. Send the message so loud and clear that it becomes part of the workplace culture. “At XYZ company, we take 30 seconds at the start of our shift to adjust the workstation. We take microbreaks to stretch every 30 minutes. We ….do great things….”

Want some help with the messaging? Our ergonomists are very creative at developing ergo awareness campaigns. We have a particular interest in creating visual content that helps to drive “ergo” behavior. Let us help! Set up a meeting with me to bounce some ideas around: Select a Date & Time – Calendly

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