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Changing your tires? Which wrench is right?

If you’re having trouble loosening the lug nuts on your summer tires, a longer wrench will give you an advantage. The physics behind the “lever” wasn’t exciting in 6th grade, and surely would not compel you to read this article. However, the “longer wrench” solution is so effective that it’s...
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Give your snowplow drivers a hand up: start the season with ergonomics training

Well, actually, we’d prefer that they get two hands up, when they’re climbing into the cab! No one wants to think about it, but winter IS coming; municipalities and private landscaping companies are already hard at work preparing to take care of the wintery roads. Snowplow drivers are exposed to...
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Hollywood takes on ergonomics!

Like many of you, I recently went to see a movie about human factors. You read that first sentence twice didn’t you? You may not have even heard the phrase while you were engaged with the story, but the words “human factors” were actually uttered, read straight from the script....
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