Boost employee well-being and productivity with ‘Move-it!’ microbreaks

If your workplace has toyed with the idea of a pre-shift stretching program, please read on. We just launched our “Move-it!” package, which is a very flexible set of materials, designed to be implemented as a microbreak activity program. Today I want to talk about: What are microbreaks? What type of activities make good breaks? […]
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How to get a strain/sprain injury at a perfectly-adjusted workstation

I can’t honestly say that I’ve suffered a strain/sprain injury, but I know the early signs when I see them. I have the advantage of an education and 30+ years of experience, so I’m able to avoid the progression of such an issue. (Physician, heal thyself! Ergonomist, fix thine workstation!) I can, however, report that, […]
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Do stretching programs work?

We’re often asked to help our clients to develop and deliver stretching programs, customized for the work that their employees are doing. Do these programs work? We’ve been trying to investigate this question using “before and after” survey data. Clients start out with great enthusiasm, administering the baseline survey, implementing the program, and promising to […]
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