manual handling

Ergonomic landscaping products

Recently, we came across a new style of base block (used to build the bottom layer of a wall). These stones have cut-out handles that the vendor claims will “save time and money with improved jobsite efficiency”. We are not experienced landscapers, but we do happen to know a few. Although he hasn’t actually used […]
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push. Push. PUSH!!

People push and pull things all day long – doors, wheelchairs, buttons, chairs, bins, and boxes. We rarely think about the best way to push something. Ergonomists, asked about the risks associated with pushing a load, will usually focus on the force required, the hand height, the type of grip required, pushing frequency, and the […]
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Are you in compliance with the “MOL Approved Ergonomic Guidelines”?

We recently came across a job posting for an ergonomist. (No, we’re not looking for a job—we just like to know what’s going on.) The job responsibilities included “evaluating…parts as well as assembly processes to ensure that they are in compliance with Ministry of Labour’s approved Ergonomic Guidelines.” We were startled! The MOL has “approved” […]
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