manual handling

MMH conference – injury reduction stats!

On October 2, 2017, the Taylor’d Ergo team attended the CRE-MSD “Manual Materials Handling and Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders: Making it Work!” one-day conference in Mississauga, Ontario. The day started off with a short review on a bit of the history of manual material handling (MMH) injuries in workplaces and a reminder to not forget […]
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Ergonomic landscaping products

Recently, we came across a new style of base block (used to build the bottom layer of a wall). These stones have cut-out handles that the vendor claims will “save time and money with improved jobsite efficiency”. We are not experienced landscapers, but we do happen to know a few. Although he hasn’t actually used […]
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push. Push. PUSH!!

People push and pull things all day long – doors, wheelchairs, buttons, chairs, bins, and boxes. We rarely think about the best way to push something. Ergonomists, asked about the risks associated with pushing a load, will usually focus on the force required, the hand height, the type of grip required, pushing frequency, and the […]
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