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How to develop hazard-specific ergonomics training

(Estimated reading time: 3:10) The Ontario Ministry of Labour Municipal Ergo Initiative has recently created a focus on encouraging “ergonomic” work practices amongst employees, particularly in public works. Clients have asked us to develop training that will encourage these employees to use safe work practices, and we are hard at...
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MMH conference – injury reduction stats!

On October 2, 2017, the Taylor’d Ergo team attended the CRE-MSD “Manual Materials Handling and Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders: Making it Work!” one-day conference in Mississauga, Ontario. The day started off with a short review on a bit of the history of manual material handling (MMH) injuries in workplaces and...
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A prescription for ergo assessment

CBC recently reported that some physicians have started writing prescriptions for physical activity.  Dr. Michael Rutledge, a Medical Officer of Health for Southern Health in Manitoba, identified exercise as “a wonder drug that can treat dozens of diseases including diabetes, hypertension and obesity….[with] no negative side effects”. He feels that...
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