MMH conference – injury reduction stats!

On October 2, 2017, the Taylor’d Ergo team attended the CRE-MSD “Manual Materials Handling and Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders: Making it Work!” one-day conference in Mississauga, Ontario. The day started off with a short review on a bit of the history of manual material handling (MMH) injuries in workplaces and a reminder to not forget […]
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A prescription for ergo assessment

CBC recently reported that some physicians have started writing prescriptions for physical activity.  Dr. Michael Rutledge, a Medical Officer of Health for Southern Health in Manitoba, identified exercise as “a wonder drug that can treat dozens of diseases including diabetes, hypertension and obesity….[with] no negative side effects”. He feels that more serious conversations need to […]
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Brick Layer

How an ergonomist can save you money

I suspect that few things are more frustrating to an engineer than fielding complaints from workers on a brand new line. An engineer or project manager who has just spent months attending to the many, many, many details of a new project may not be receptive to the type of “constructive” feedback that workers have to […]
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