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Ergonomics and work in the cold

by Kristina Zucchiatti It’s time to give a warm “welcome back” to our winter clothing. Although we all tend to complain about the cold, some Ontarians have to wear “Arctic” outdoor clothing (jackets, boots, and gloves) all year round! (And those of us who eat ice cream are grateful that...
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Why does the occupant matter in green building design? (hint: ergo)

by Josie Blake Our recent ACE conference was held at The Banff Centre, in gorgeous, “Green certified” buildings (we were in this one: https://www.banffcentre.ca/articles/leed%C2%AE-gold%C2%A0achieved-kinnear-centre-creativity-innovation), which were alarmingly close to some of the wildfires (apparently only 6 miles!) The conference had a session dedicated to presentations on sustainable development, and one...
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