On-Site Ergonomics Program

Our On-Site Ergo (OSE) program offers you all of the advantages of having a fully dedicated ergonomist without the commitment required to hire one. An ergonomist works on-site with you, typically for one or two days each week. We bring free “bonus” services, such as ergo awareness contests, bulletin boards, and training discounts. This program allows our ergonomist to drive the change process in your organization.

As your on-site ergonomist, we become a member of your team, “tayloring” our services to your needs. We prioritise our time to address the projects that are important to you. We work hard to build relationships within your organization that truly advance ergonomics.

The ergonomist’s time may be used for:

  • physical and cognitive demands analyses
  • rapid ergo directives (available to on-site ergo clients only – quicker reports)
  • ergonomics (risk) assessments
  • office ergonomics assessments
  • demands-abilities evaluations
  • energy expenditure assessments and heat stress prevention programs
  • implementation support (getting changes implementated)
  • ergo audit and policy development
  • ergo team support
  • ergo program development and support

Contact our main office for a quotation or more information, at 519.623.7733, or info@taylordergo.com.

Interested in “OSE+”? We offer this program, combining new grads with mentors, starting in May-August (only) each year. It is, hands-down, the most cost-effective way for a mid-sized organization to launch an ergonomics program. Ask Carrie for more info.

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