Ergonomics (Risk) Assessment (EA)

An ergonomics (risk) assessment provides an objective evaluation of musculoskeletal injury risk, and suggests appropriate recommendations to reduce risk, and to improve productivity and quality of work. Your employees will be involved in the process, ensuring buy-in from key stakeholders.

The ergonomist observes the job and surveys the workers to identify and quantify the postural demands for tasks of concern. S/he measures critical weights, push, pull and grip forces, critical working heights, reaches, and completes a workstation layout. The ergonomist analyses the data collected to evaluate the risk of musculoskeletal injury, using Snook tables (psychophysical data), 3D Static Strength (biomechanics), Recommended Cumulative Recovery Allowance, Duty cycle, NIOSH manual handling equation, HandPak, or other relevant methods. The risk of injury is described with a “risk index” that allows you to prioritize resources according to risk. The ergonomist generates a thorough report outlining all identified concerns, and potential solutions to resolve musculoskeletal issues. S/he meets with your key stakeholder group to identify appropriate solutions, evaluates them for effectiveness, and completes the final report.

We can evaluate the risk of injury for a specific task, a job, or an entire job rotation. Contact Carrie in our main office for a quotation or more information, at 519.622.7733, or

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