Office Ergo Assessment (In-person/Remote)

An office ergonomics assessment is a process used by an ergonomist and an office worker to optimize working postures.

In-person office assessments are conducted through on-site data collection, including pre-assessment survey, measurements, interview, digital photography, observation, and adjustment. The report summarizes the results, and identifies adjustments, purchases, or method changes that would improve working postures.

A remote assessment requires the employee to complete a survey and submit a short video in advance (instructions provided). The ergonomist reviews these, and then spends about an hour on a videochat with the employee.

With both methods, the ergonomist and employee work together to address concerns and optimize comfort. At the end of the assessment process, most of the recommended changes have already been made! Reports are provided to summarize survey results, observations, changes made, and recommendations for future changes.

This process results in improved comfort, productivity, quality of work, and morale for the office worker.

Visit our store to set up an assessment. If you need more info, or you’d like to schedule multiple assessments, contact Carrie in our main office, at 519.623.7733, or