Ergo Audit

An ergo audit can be used in the initial phase of launching an ergonomics program; the audit provides a clear vision of what needs to be done, and helps to identify where ergonomics initiatives are already underway.

The ergo audit can also provide an annual evaluation of your program; the audit helps to qualify and quantify the various aspects of a successful program, and leads to goals and objectives for the next year.

Our audit template was developed with the benefit of the new Ontario Musculoskeletal Disorders Prevention Guidelines (MSDPG) documents and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) guidelines, augmented by research and our combined 60+ years of ergonomics experience. Criteria include program infrastructure, physical demands descriptions, ergonomics assessments, proactive approaches, training, and peripheral programs.

The audit process also allows time for the ergonomist to tour the facility and observe jobs, and interview workers. The final report would identify “quick fix” issues for specific jobs or tasks flagged as concerns.

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