Hazard-specific employee ergo training (face-2-face)

Our ergonomist will come to your facility to deliver a 1 to 2-hour hands-on ergonomics training session for your workers, supervisors or Health and Safety Committee. Choose from worker sessions on the topics of lifting, office (traditional, or sit-stand), driving, outdoor/public works, or general industrial ergonomics. Add a session specifically for supervisors (industrial or office) or ergo teams/JHSCs!

Participants will experience the benefits of ergonomics first-hand, in the classroom. Each session is followed by a quiz, and optional job-coaching at the employee's workstation (or vehicle).

Participants will learn to:
  • Describe the four benefits of ergonomics: improved comfort, quality, productivity, and job satisfaction
  • Identify optimum work techniques (for the specific type of work)
  • Practice these techniques in a real world environment.

Course materials include a handout (booklet) which includes a checklist to use in the workplace, a pen, and a quiz/certificate

All Taylor’d Ergo workshops feature:
  • Taught by an ergonomist with experience in the industry
  • Course hours may count towards Continuing Education Units
  • A skill-based program, that allows you to practice each new skill in the workshop setting
  • Competency-based. Each course includes a quiz and certificate
For scheduling requests or detailed course outlines: Contact us at: info@taylordergo.com, or +1 519 632 5103. To authorise and schedule right away, go to our store.