What are electronic games doing to our kids?

Are you concerned that your kids’ spines are turning into “C” shaped curves? Are you worried that sitting might just be killing them, too? You are not alone! My teenagers spend altogether too much time sitting and lying around, electronic devices in hand. The adults in our house have adopted “Fitbits” and we run in […]
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Touchscreen PCs

With new technology presented to us on almost a daily basis, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to keep up. We’ve evolved from the days of dial-up internet and brick-sized cell phones to our current hi-speed tablet and sleek smartphone world. There’s a shortcut and app for just about everything. The way we interact with our […]
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Business Man Texting

Texting Thumbs & Shoulders & Neck &…

Ergonomists have been expecting it for years. In fact, we’re frankly quite shocked that it’s taken so long for the concerns to surface. Reports have associated smartphone use with de Quervain’s tenosynovitis and osteoarthritis. Research done at the University of Waterloo (UW) shows that heavy users of portable mobile devices report thumb, shoulder, and neck […]
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