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How to develop hazard-specific ergonomics training

(Estimated reading time: 3:10) The Ontario Ministry of Labour Municipal Ergo Initiative has recently created a focus on encouraging “ergonomic” work practices amongst employees, particularly in public works. Clients have asked us to develop training that will encourage these employees to use safe work practices, and we are hard at...
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push. Push. PUSH!!

People push and pull things all day long – doors, wheelchairs, buttons, chairs, bins, and boxes. We rarely think about the best way to push something. Ergonomists, asked about the risks associated with pushing a load, will usually focus on the force required, the hand height, the type of grip...
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Don’t just sit there!

We’ve all seen it. The graphic of the office worker sitting with the arms and hips bent at 90 degrees and the back rigidly upright has been used over and over as a reference for how we should sit. “Ergonomically correct.” “Proper,” as our mothers used to say. If our...
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