heat stress

Too hot for a mask?

Heat stress prevention is a hot topic these days (pun intended), particularly around the added challenge of Covid PPE. Masks appear to be here to stay, at least for this summer. Do masks increase heat stress? We’ve learned a lot about making masks safe and comfortable: They need to be double-layer or triple layers, snug-fitting, […]
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Bigger workers burn more energy – so what?

If you’ve ever tracked your food (calorie) intake with someone else, especially someone much larger or smaller than you, you may have been surprised to learn that the larger of the two of you could eat more and still lose weight. Why is that? Larger people are carrying their own body weight, everywhere they go. […]
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Beat the heat!

Summer is here, and many Canadians have flipped the switch from complaining about the cold, to complaining about the heat! After enduring long months of winter, relaxing outdoors might feel great. Unfortunately, working in that same heat can be uncomfortable and possibly even dangerous. Here are some ways to beat the summer heat while working […]
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Dog days of summer

Stay cool, even without air conditioning  (Read time 2:30) Last year Ursa, our Border Collie puppy, was too young to run with us, but now she’s acting the part of a herding dog, motivating our 5 k runs. Ursa loves to run no matter what…hot or cool. But when it started to warm up outside, […]
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