A sit/stand option does not require “prolonged standing”

In the media, I’ve seen “pushback” on standing workstations, claiming that “prolonged standing” is no better than prolonged sitting. I agree that prolonged standing can have harmful effects, although I would not say that it is worse than prolonged sitting. Further, I do not believe that the widely promoted “sit-stand stations” were meant to promote […]
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What are electronic games doing to our kids?

Are you concerned that your kids’ spines are turning into “C” shaped curves? Are you worried that sitting might just be killing them, too? You are not alone! My teenagers spend altogether too much time sitting and lying around, electronic devices in hand. The adults in our house have adopted “Fitbits” and we run in […]
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Don’t just sit there!

We’ve all seen it. The graphic of the office worker sitting with the arms and hips bent at 90 degrees and the back rigidly upright has been used over and over as a reference for how we should sit. “Ergonomically correct.” “Proper,” as our mothers used to say. If our mothers could direct our office […]
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