“CELEBRATE” Global Ergonomics Month like the Holiday it Should Be

You’ve never heard of “Global Ergonomics Month”, let alone celebrated it? Here’s how we suggest recognizing this most worthy event, in October:

  1. Put up decorations! We don’t mean tinsel and wreaths. We mean posters. Provide practical, graphic, easy-to-follow instructions that will help people make a positive change in their workstation adjustments or work methods. For example, create a step-by-step poster that shows how to adjust your most common office chair or keyboard tray. (Our festive ergo-gnomes, above, are supposed to be helping to adjust the armrests and backrest, though one may be taking a break.) Or post stretching exercises that people can use as micro-breaks in their work routine. Or show the best way to lift that awkward product in the warehouse.
  2. Send greeting cards! And not “seasons greetings” cards….send thank you cards to people who have made a difference in your MSD prevention program. Send invitations to participate in training. Send cards of congratulations to project champions who have completed a project successfully.
  3. Host a dinner party! Tablecloths are not required. Invite employees to come to a lunch-and-learn (or breakfast-and-learn, or, our favourite, a dessert-and-learn) session on an ergo topic such as sit/stand stations, lifting safety, or driver ergo.
  4. Give thoughtful gifts! If budget permits, now is a great time to replace or repair broken chairs or tools, or replace worn-out matting. Have an ergonomist come in to do some ergo assessments or job coaching. Run an awareness contest and hand out fun prizes. Schedule some hands-on training for drivers, office workers, manual handlers, or other workers, to specifically help them to make adjustments and use techniques that reduce their risk. Give employees the gifts of support and equipment to do their jobs safely, productively, and accurately.
  5. Have cake! No really, have some cake. Gather around, celebrate small victories, and talk about plans for next year. You could do a formal audit and set “SMART” objectives. But, at least, take some time to reflect on what you’ve done so far.

Of course Taylor’d Ergo can help you with your global ergonomics month celebrations…give us a call!

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