What does it mean to belong to a team of ergonomists?

When we surveyed ergo students a couple of weeks ago, we learned that 84% of them want to spend the first 5 years of their career working with other ergonomists. Sadly, only a few graduates will have this opportunity, because very, very few organizations hire more than one of us!  What does it really mean, to work as part of a team of ergonomists? And how can we make that happen, if only one ergonomist per company is needed?

What does it meant to be part of the Taylor’d Ergo team?

I looked for a definition of “team” that embodies what our team does, and this is what I landed on:

“A group of people with different skills and different tasks, who work together on a common project, service, or goal, with a meshing of functions and mutual support.”

At Taylor’d Ergo, we have senior ergonomists, and new ergonomists, each with unique sets of experiences and skills. Our common goal is to provide the best service for our clients, while developing the skills within our team. Here’s what being part of a “team” means for our new ergonomists:

  • Someone will show you how to:
    • encourage workers to cooperate with you
    • collect data unobtrusively
    • measure accurately
    • sort through all the data and process the numbers properly
    • generate good solutions, and
    • write a solid report
  • Someone will give you feedback as you learn all of the above, and work with you to ensure that you’ve mastered each skill. If you’re making a mistake, an experienced ergonomist can point it out gently (we’ve been there too…!) and constructively, so hopefully you won’t make it over and over again.
  • When you get stuck, as we all do, you’ll have someone to ask for help.
  • Having a bad day and your report is full of typos? No client will see your mistakes, because the report is reviewed by another ergonomist before you send it off.
  • No idea how to improve the job? We’ll brainstorm as a team…one of us has likely encountered something similar in the past.
  • Can’t attend a webinar? Another ergonomist will share the highlights.
  • Thinking about all these things that other people will do for you, when you’re new? You’ll get a chance to help out others, down the road. And that will feel great!

The day-to-day

For new ergonomists at Taylor’d Ergo, being part of a team includes in-person, on-site, one-on-one mentorship in the beginning.

All of us have daily check-ins at the end of each day; a quick chance to brag, vent, question, or share.

Our every-second-Friday team meetings give us regular time to share, learn, explore, and debate. At these meetings, we also develop new training programs and services, like our upcoming OSE+ program.

Conferences and retreats, a couple of times per year, allow a more immersive development and team building experience.

Thinking about starting an ergo program by hiring a part-time ergonomist?

The new ergonomist that you could hire on your own would benefit greatly from tapping into our team. And of course, so would your company! Ask Carrie how you can bring in a new part-time ergonomist who would also be part of our team. Our OSE+ program will offer this opportunity to 6 clients, for one year starting in July or August. Don’t miss out!

If you’re a new ergonomist, encourage your prospective employers to look into this great program!

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