Walk to work! …or at work, or from work….

by Kristina Zucchiatti

Like me, you may have lost sight of the fitness goals you set late in the evening of December 31. But, fear not, spring has sprung. (Well, spring is sure to spring soon, anyway!) To get you back on track, join the world on Friday April 5th for Walk to Work Day!

Physical fitness has four essential components:
– cardiovascular (improves heart and lung strength)
– strength (muscles and tendons)
– balance (improving balance and proprioception)
– flexibility (muscle and joint range or motion).

Walking for 30 minutes a day is a free and easy activity, that can be performed without any exercise equipment (all you need is shoes). It is a weight bearing exercise that has benefits beyond improving heart and lung endurance. Walking also helps to lower blood pressure and high cholesterol, reduce body fat and help control weight, increase bone density (remember, it’s weight-bearing), and enhance mental wellbeing.

Maybe you have to drive to work…nobody says you have to park close! Consider parking your vehicle 15 minutes away, to allow you to participate in the “day”. Or take a detour on your route from the company lot to your workstation.

If you are really not able to walk to work, consider options to get you moving at work and at home:
– take the long way around the office to retrieve prints, go to the washroom, or re-fill your coffee mug (or water)
– take the stairs rather than the elevator
– walk to co-worker’s workstation to ask a question instead of phoning of emailing
– take a lap around your building on your lunch (this gets you walking, and outside!) Bring coworkers with you to make your walk an enjoyable social occasion.
– walk to the mail box to get your mail instead of driving

Hope to see you laced up, and out on the sidewalk tomorrow!

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