So you’re hiring a new ergonomist…What equipment does an ergonomist need?

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about our hiring process. After we’ve selected an ergonomist, we need to equip them. Here is what we provide, and train them to use:

  • Annually-calibrated force gauge, pinch gauge, and grip dynamometers, and various custom-made attachments.
  • Stopwatches, tape measure, and pedometer (measuring wheel).
  • A backpack to carry all of these items, and a pouch to carry what they need into the field.
  • Rocketbooks, erasable PDA forms, and erasable pens for paperless note-taking.
  • Safety gear (boots, glasses, hearing protection, vest)
  • A cell phone that can be used to hotspot internet if you don’t have a WIFI connection everywhere.
  • A laptop computer with Microsoft Office, biomechanics software, and energy expenditure software.
  • Access to all of our copyright report templates, project files, operating procedures, research, design and assessment guidelines, vendor files, and awareness materials. If you don’t have these, you’ll need to allow plenty of time to create and test them.
  • Uniforms (OK, that’s a Taylor’d Ergo thing. 😊)

If you’re considering hiring an ergonomist, make sure that your budget provides all of the equipment and support that they will need. And don’t forget about the overhead costs associated with a full-time staff member, including vacation and sick pay, CPP, EI and other benefits, IT support, and professional development (conferences, webinars). And finally, factor in the time required to train and mentor the new ergonomist – reviewing every project in advance, demonstrating data collection and data analysis, providing feedback, and signing off on every report.

Of course, you could hire us to come in regularly instead of hiring a full-time ergonomist. We take care of all of the hiring, provisioning, and mentoring, and you’re not committed to a full-time staff member. Check out our one-day-per-week (or more, or less) “On-Site Ergo” program.

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