“Recalculating route”…planning your ergonomics program for 2015

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You’re driving along under the guidance of your friendly GPS, and you miss your turn. (Sometimes “turn now” turns out to have meant “turn in a few seconds”….). In my last car, my GPS was fond of pointing out that I’d made a mistake, and promptly advised me to, “Make a legal U-turn.”  The new GPS systems are pretty clever – they adjust your route without ever feeling inclined to point out your error. I like that much better.

Has your ergonomics program taken a detour? While we are not keen to point out where you’ve gone wrong, we would love to help you map out a new route! We’ve overhauled our full audit (which was pretty extensive, sometimes taking a few days to complete), paring it down to something we can finish for you in a day. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • In advance, we send you a wish-list of documents (e.g. JHSC meeting minutes, injury stats, a list of all jobs in your facility, ergo and PDA reports, if you have any). When we arrive you can pass these over to us, first thing in the morning. (We won’t take these out of your facility, so there’s no need to make copies.)
  • We’ll ask to talk with a few key people, such as HR, Safety, and Engineering.
  • You’ll take us on a tour of your facility.
  • Most of the afternoon will be spent reviewing your documents and writing up a report for you.  At the end of the day, you’ll have a document that describes what you’re doing well, and where your program could improve. We’ll even lay out some goals for you!

Like the magic that happens inside the GPS “brain”, you’ll have a route for your 2015 ergo program.

The best part? It’s free! Naturally, we hope that you’ll use our services if you need technical ergo support for assessments or training, but you’re not obligated to use us. If you’re part of a safety group, we would be happy to take the stress out of implementing the “ergonomics” elements that you have planned for 2015.

Please contact Carrie to set up your free one-day ergo audit. We are looking for clients who have identified reducing strain/sprain injuries as a goal for this year!

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