Labour Thanksgiving Day

I might be getting Labour Day and Thanksgiving mixed up a bit, but this seemed like a good time to reflect on how grateful I am to have such a hardworking bunch of co-workers. I don’t remember a time when our entire team was so keen to innovate. It’s almost like our tagline could be changed to, “Any ergo challenge – we’re game!”

Here are a few things that I love about our team:

  • They’re thinking about questions to bring to our team meeting. And we have great team meetings – virtual and in person!
  • When I ask around to see if anyone has experience with an unusual client request, someone will say, “I can pull up some of my notes from class! I would love to give it a go!”
  • Sometimes our schedule is hectic. But we all enjoy the variety and challenges that come with consulting, even when that means working for six different clients in one week!
  • When we have a project that requires flexibility because we’ll be making decisions and changing direction as we go, they’re game. And it all works out beautifully in the end.
  • They really care about the people we work with.
  • When I have a crazy idea, as often happens, they’ll run with me on it. We’ve never had so many innovative initiatives going on at the same time.
  • We enjoy spending time socially at our meetings and events. Everyone pitches in to help.

A few years ago, I wrote an article about pride of workmanship and how rewarding it is to engage with people who take pride in their craft – surgeons, assemblers, teachers, mechanics, inspectors. When someone is proud of the work they do, their stories are fascinating, and the quality of their work soars. Growing a business can be tough sometimes, but if we can keep recruiting ergonomists who care, who want to learn, and who are committed to improving our craft, we can’t go wrong.

On Labour Day, I’m giving thanks that I have “labour” in both senses of the word – we have work to do, and we have colleagues with the skills to do it.

Happy Labour Day, from our team to yours!

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