Covid-eo 2020

We’re all getting much more familiar with technology, as we learn how to communicate more effectively from a distance. Videochat, through the many available apps, has proven incredibly helpful during this time of “physical distancing”. Here’s our advice about the ergonomics of using a video.

  • If you’ll be doing a lot of chatting, avoid arm and hand pain by supporting your phone or webcam on a stand rather than holding it. Dig out that old tripod, or use some play dough, a stack of books, or a ladder. Choose a video chat location that is close to an outlet or charging station, since video uses more battery.
  • Sit up and pay attention! Face-to-face rules of communication also apply when you’re chatting over video. Speak clearly. Don’t fidget. Smile. Avoid distractions. You know, be human.
  • Only one person can talk at once. This experience provides a good lesson in listening to understand, before responding. Because only one person can talk at once, background noise is incredibly distracting to the conversation. Music, dogs, kids, and even whispers can disrupt a conversation. Find a quiet room for your videochat, to make the experience much more pleasant for everyone.
  • Check out the features on your apps. Some will allow you to blur or replace the background, or touch up your appearance, or use animojis. Wouldn’t it be fun to pretend you were calling from a beach or a mountaintop?

In many ways, physical distancing has brought us back to basics, rediscovering puzzles, books, crafts, and other activities that we haven’t spent time on in years. And in other ways, it has pressed us forward into using technologies in ways that we might not have explored for years.

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