10 steps to a better office

A full office ergo assessment considers over 50 different criteria. These are our “top 10” tips. Consult your ergonomist for further assistance as needed, or join us on October 24th for our one-day office ergo workshop!
1. Adjust your backrest so the curve in the backrest fits the curve in your back.
2. Adjust the height of your seat so that your feet are firmly supported on the floor.
3. Adjust your keyboard height and position so you can type with your elbows against the side of your body. If your
keyboard height doesn’t adjust, adjust your seat height to optimise your arm posture, and get a footrest if necessary to
support your feet.
4. Adjust your screen height so the top of the glass is at eye level. Adjust viewing distance (closer or further) for comfort.
If find yourself squinting or leaning forward, bring your screen closer to you.
5. Ensure that your mouse is directly beside your keyboard, and on the same work surface.
6. Try mousing with your left hand, if you are right handed! Left-mousing helps to distribute workload more evenly
between your hands, and frees up space at the right for writing.
7. Keep your paper documents close, and tilt them up toward your eyes on a document holder or empty binder.
8. Ensure that armrests, if you have them, don’t prevent you from sitting close to your desk.
9. Move at least every 20 minutes. Adjust your position, or stand up to talk on the phone.
10. Stretch at least every hour!

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