Ergonomics and work in the cold

by Kristina Zucchiatti It’s time to give a warm “welcome back” to our winter clothing. Although we all tend to complain about the cold, some Ontarians have to wear “Arctic” outdoor clothing (jackets, boots, and gloves) all year round! (And those of us who eat ice cream are grateful that they do!) When we are […]
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How to pick winter treads…for your feet

A November 15th webinar by Dr. Tilak Dutta of the University Health Network reviewed winter footwear characteristics, and how treads are tested. He even identified specific footwear with better slip resistance…more on that later. The method for testing footwear’s slip resistance is fascinating. They use a room with an ice floor. The entire room tilts! […]
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How to have happy winter feet

Winter is approaching (well, approaching last week, and receding today, but it will be back!), and it’s time to pull out the winter footwear. In the fall, it’s fun to pull on the boots, but when the white stuff comes, we realise that, just like we need winter tires, we also need winter footwear. If you […]
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