Productivity, Employee engagement, and Quality through Ergonomics

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March 21, 2024

October 3, 2024

This course teaches a process that applies tools gathered from Lean and Six Sigma principles to the ergonomics process. Our goal is to use these tools to identify and cost-justify changes that benefit organizations ergonomically, while simultaneously improving productivity, quality, and employee engagement.

  • Why are we here? (What are the barriers to ergonomics implementation at your facility?)
  • Ergonomics, productivity, quality, and employee engagement – How are these measured in the workplace?
  • Identify the problem – how do we know that this issue that has been labeled “ergonomic” is really a problem for the organization? How do we use a “fishbone diagram”? What is 5S and how can it help me? What survey and interview questions can I ask supervisors and workers?
  • Analyze the problem – What is the root cause of this “ergo” problem? What is it costing the organization? How can we use “waste walk” and “spaghetti diagrams” to quantify productivity improvement opportunities?
  • Develop solutions – How can we fix it? What does “DOE” mean?
  • Implementation (cost justification) – What are the costs of the intervention, and how can we anticipate its impact on productivity, quality, and employee engagement?
  • Documentation (prevent the reoccurrence) – How can I show what I’ve accomplished and build it into future projects?
  • Getting a seat at the table – What do ergonomics and safety people need to do, to integrate themselves into the productivity, quality, and employee engagement processes?
  • Next Steps

Your course fee includes: Quick reference guide, Excel cost-benefit analysis worksheet, lunch and refreshments.

All Taylor’d Ergo workshops feature:

  • Facilitation by a Certified Ergonomist, so course hours may count toward your Continuing Education Units
  • A comfortable, relaxed setting, with participants from various industries, so you can learn from each other,
  • A skill-based program, that allows you to practice each new skill in the workshop setting.

Ask us about running this course at your facility for groups of 6 or more.

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Feedback about this course:

“Just wanted to say thank you again for hosting the awesome workshop late last year on cost justification.  I haven’t had a project to use the tool yet, but the workshop was simply awesome.  I know I said that before but it is worth saying again.”