• Who can document the physical demands of a job quantitatively?

  • When do I need to provide relief under hot work conditions?

  • Does Taylor’d Ergo have a solution to help me manage & support our ergonomics program?

  • What workshops are available to expand the ergonomics skills of people in our organzation?

  • How can I control MSD hazards at this workstation?

  • Where can this injured employee work safely?

  • How do I make my design meet ergonomics guidelines?

  • What can I do to make our office employees more comfortable and productive?


To inspire, build and support partnership between your company and our innovative team, to advance ergonomic excellence.


Our team has the collective experience in over 50 different industries across Canada and the United States.


From the assessment of one specific issue, to implementation of a full on-site ergonomics program, & everything in between.


We use a professional, objective approach to understand the demands of any job and a worker’s capabilities.

Need the puzzle answers? Risk you may reduce by NOT sitting:

diabeteS obesiTy cAncer back paiN Death heart failUre hyPertension

Welcome to Taylor’d Ergo

Setting the standard for ergonomics excellence.

Taylor’d Ergonomics Inc. is a team of highly qualified ergonomists with a main office near Cambridge, ON, and satellite offices in Mississauga, St. Mary’s and London. While most of our projects are in Southwestern Ontario, we provide ergonomics consulting throughout the province, along with national and international projects.

We use the best measurement and analysis techniques available, and regularly review research to stay informed of new or better methodologies.

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Taylor’d Ergonomics can create a custom program suited for your specific needs. Call 519-623-7733, email us or fill out our online service request form for a quote today.

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