101 ideas for your ergo program

We’ve been working hard to finish the new “101 ergo solutions” course, which is, at last, ready for print. We’re really looking forward to sharing some of what we’ve learned in the 20 years we’ve been working at Taylor’d Ergo. Along those lines, the fall conference of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists will be hosting […]
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Design for extremes

Our last blog talked about “designing for average”, but designing for average doesn’t just mean thinking about height; we also need to consider age and weight. Josie recently tuned in to Humantech’s Webinar on Designing the Workplace for the Aging and Obese Population… kind of a touchy subject. But the presentation definitely reminded us of […]
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Design for average – why not?

At the 2014 Association of Canadian Ergonomists conference in Montreal, we presented a paper on design for average. Sometimes we do this….when you install a counter in your kitchen, or buy a “one-size-fits-all” hand tool, you’re probably considering an “average” user. Usually, this works just fine for most people. But occasionally, the “design-for-average” decision can have […]
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